Rewista WMS

A new era for warehouse management

Rewista WMS is a state-of-the-art, integrated system for global management of warehouse logistics processes, with options tailored to the individual needs of the company.

Operating on the basis of the most efficient IT technologies, Rewista WMS enables intuitive, comprehensive management of product movement in the warehouse and allows for optimal use of warehouse space. The system provides continuous support at each stage of the warehouse process - from receipt of goods, through warehouse movements and inventories, to product release. The program is fully integratable with any databases and external systems.

Benefits for your business

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productivity, resilience to staff turnover and quality of service
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logistics costs, errors in operations and working time
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processes and storage space
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warehouse management with an intuitive interface
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all resource information in real time
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implementation and integration with external systems

Features you need

Time recording of operations and stock levels
Management of all warehouse operations and returnable packaging
Quick access to detailed product information
Generating reports and statistics based on selected criteria
Hierarchical division of the warehouse structure with any number of elements
Precise quantitative and qualitative goods control
Quick resource search (by index and structure)
Easy configuration of mobile devices
Maintenance of contractor file
Picking route optimization
Warehouse automation management
Recording of warehouse staff work
The system can be implemented in an extended or basic version, depending on current customer needs.

Innovative logistics

Rewista WMS streamlines the management of a warehouse with a very large number of goods, where numerous operations are carried out. It also allows for simultaneous management of goods for multiple end customers within a single warehouse structure. This enables efficient management of, among other things:

  • logistic warehouses
  • distribution centers
  • extensive storage facilities

System architectureArchitektura systemu

The Rewista WMS consists of three cooperating components:

  • server
  • administrative system (Rewista.PC)
  • mobile warehouse operations management system (

The structure, designed in this way, enables efficient warehouse management via modern mobile terminals.

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