Rewista Track&Trace

We support the implementation of the TPD directive

Rewista Track and Trace is a modern and easy-to-use tool that supports TPD implementation.


Rewista Track&Trace is software for: distributors, wholesalers, retailers, mobile sellers (direct store deliveries), merchandisers (filling vending machines), and independent logistics providers - anyone who is connected in any way with the tobacco supply chain from production to final delivery to the retailer.

System benefits

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Independence in operation
or full compatibility with a sales system
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of sales processes
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over the movement of goods
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Quick and easy
implementation process
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of sales process support
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and technical support in Polish

Features you need

WMS class system functions: receiving, releasing goods, inventory
Additional modules include printing labels, documents, assigning tasks, generating reports, etc.
Receipts and releases based on orders or commercial documents from ERP system
Advising from the sales system - prevents the releasing of goods if unspecified in the advising
The software uses Master Data from legacy T&T systems
Ability to report customer-specific data
Track all tobacco products, including those that will be regulated starting in 2024.
Ability to expand the function to include tracking of alcohol products
The system can be implemented in an extended or basic version, depending on current customer needs.

Rewista Track&TraceConcept

Under the provisions of the EU Tobacco Directive, effective May 19, 2019, every tobacco operator is required to use security features in tobacco products and a traceability system covering all stages of the supply chain.

Rewista Track&Trace is new software to meet the stringent requirements of the TPD. This suite of solutions was created as a result of analyzing specific problems and needs reported to our support department related to the operation of the Track&Trace software used to date.


System architecturearchitektura systemu trackandtrace

The Rewista Track&Trace system consists of five components that work together:

  • server
  • administrative system (Rewista.PC)
  • mobile warehouse operations management system (
  • cloud technology
  • EU repository

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